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霍华德·安德鲁·威廉斯(英语:Howard Andrew Williams,1927年12月3日-2012年9月25日),暱称为安迪·威廉斯(Andy Williams),生于爱荷华州Wall Lake,美国流行乐歌手。出道至今已拥有18张金唱片、3张白金唱片,并参与过多部电视剧、电影、舞台剧的演出。


情歌圣手安迪威廉斯不愧是叱吒风云的歌坛长青树,从他开始进入歌坛以来,已经屹立了超过六十个年头。1928年出生的安迪,少年时代与三个兄弟以“威廉斯四兄弟”的姿态崛起。1952年,他展开独唱生涯,以温暖而多情的高音闻名,1961年加盟新力唱片之后,更进入了全盛时期,最为脍炙人口的包括“第凡内早餐”、“教父”、“爱的故事”等电影的主题曲,虽然不是原唱,却都成了他的招牌歌曲,甚至比“原唱”更受欢迎。1999年,七十一岁的安迪与英国女歌手丹妮丝范欧藤重新演唱的60年代经典“Can't Take My Eyes Off You”,还在英国造成轰动,而于同年金城武易利信3分钟手机广告中赚人热泪的广告曲“Dear Heart”,更让台湾无数歌迷再度为安迪着迷。

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It’s a Most Unusual Day 英文
1.I Left My Heart in San Francisco
2.Fly By Night
3.Danny Boy
4.Hawaiian Wedding Song
5.I Really Don't Want to Know
6.Can't Get Used to Losing You
7.My Coloring Book
8.The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine)
9.It's a Most Unusual Day
10.As Time Goes By
11.When You're Smiling
12.Never On a Sunday
13.What Kind of Fool Am I
14.The Theme (提供)
15.Don't You Believe It
Greatest Hits Live 英文
1.Opening Medley : L. O. V. E. / Love Is Here To Stay (提供)
2.Movie Medley : You Oughta Be In Pictures / Call Me Irresponsible / The Days Of Wine And Roses / Charade / Where Do I Begin(From 'Love Story') / Speak Softly My Love(From 'The Godfather') (提供)
3.MacArthur Park (提供)
4.Born Free
5.Canadian Sunset
6.Hawaiian Wedding Song
7.Can't Get Used To Losing You
8.Moon River
9.May Each Day
10.Are You Sincere ?
11.Baby Doll
12.The Bilbao Song
14.I Like Your Kind Of Love
15.Lips Of Wine
16.Lonely Street
17.Promise Me, Love
18.Village Of St. Bernadette
19.Wake Me When It's Over
Merry Christmas 英文
1.Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2.Do You Hear What I Hear?
The Essential Andy Williams 英文
1.Can't Take My Eyes Off You
2.Music To Watch Girls By
3.Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In(The Flesh Failures)
4.Up Up And Away
5.Happy Heart
6.The Look Of Love
7.Moon River
9.Can't Get Used To Losing You
10.It's So Easy (提供)
11.The House Of Bamboo (提供)
12.Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again
13.Love Theme From The Godfather(Speak Softly Love)
14.Born Free
15.Danny Boy
16.Almost There
17.We've Only Just Begun
18.One Day Of Your Life
19.I Think I Love You
20.Home Lovin' Man
21.Where Do I Begin?(Love Story)
22.Somethin' Stupid
23.Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
24.Can't Take My Eyes Off You
25.Dear Heart
16 Biggest Hits 英文
2.Canadian Sunset
3.I Like Your Kind Of Love
4.Are You Sincere?
5.Lonely Street
6.The Village Of St. Bernadette
7.Moon River
8.Can't Get Used To Losing You
9.Days Of Wine And Roses
10.Dear Heart
11.Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars(Corcovado)
12.In The Arms Of Love
13.Music To Watch Girls By
14.Love Story(Where Do I Begin)
15.A Time For Us(Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet)
16.Speak Softly Love(Love Theme From'The Godfather')
The Greatest Songs 英文
1.Blueberry Hill
2.Blue Hawaii
3.It's All In The Game
4.Love Letters In The Sand
5.My Happiness
6.Near You
7.So Rare
8.Twilight Time
9.Unchained Melody
10.You'll Never Walk Alone
Cadence Collection 英文
1.Walk Hand In Hand
2.Not Any More (提供)
3.Canadian Sunset
4.High Upon A Mountain (提供)
5.Baby Doll
6.Since I've Found My Baby (提供)
8.It Doesn't Take Very Long (提供)
9.I Like Your Kind Of Love
10.Stop Teasin' Me (提供)
11.Lips Of Wine
12.Straight From My Heart (提供)
13.Are You Sincere?
14.Be Mine Tonight
15.Some Enchanted Evening
16.If I Loved You
17.Promise Me, Love
18.Your Hand, Your Heart, Your Love (提供)
19.Love Letters In The Sand
20.It's All In The Game
21.The Hawaiian Wedding Song
22.House Of Bamboo (提供)
23.Blueberry Hill
24.Twilight Time
25.So Rare
26.Lonely Street
27.Summer Love
28.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
29.Autumn Leaves
30.Unchained Melody
31.The Village Of St. Bernadette
32.Wake Me When It's Over
33.We Have A Date (提供)
34.Do You Mind? (提供)
35.You Don't Want My Love(In The Summertime)
36.Don't Go To Strangers
37.The Bilbao Song
38.How Wonderful To Know
39.Under Paris Skies
40.Let It Be Me
I Like Your Kind Of Love 英文
Varese Vintage
1.Are You Sincere
2.Baby Doll
3.Beyond The Reef
5.Canadian Sunset
6.Do You Mind? (提供)
8.How Wonderful To Know
9.You Don't Want My Love(In The Summertime)
10.Lips Of Wine
11.Lonely Street
12.Promise Me, Love
13.Summer Love
14.The Bilbao Song
15.The Hawaiian Wedding Song(Ke Kali Nei Au)
16.The Village Of St. Bernadette
17.Under Paris Skies
18.Wake Me When It's Over
19.Walk Hand In Hand
The Best Of Cadence Years 英文
1.Are You Sincere
2.Beyond The Reef
4.Canadian Sunset
5.Lonely Street
6.Tha Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au)
7.The Bilbao Song
8.The Village Of St. Bernadette
9.Under Paris Skies
10.Walk Hand In Hand
16 Most Requested Songs:Encore 英文
2.Are You Sincere?
3.Lonely Street
4.The Village Of St. Bernadette
5.The Sweetest Sounds
7.Stranger On The Shore
8.On The Street Where You Live
Christmas 英文
1.Christmas Needs Love To Be Christmas
The Ultimate Andy Williams 英文
1.Moon River
2.Canadian Sunset
3.Can't Get Used To Losing You
4.You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me (提供)
5.Dear Heart
6.Love Story(Where Do I Begin)
7.You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You
8.Days Of Wine And Roses
9.Love Theme From The Godfather(Speak Softly Love)
10.It Might As Well Be Spring
The Essence Of Andy Williams 英文
1.Moon River
2.Can't Get Used To Losing You
3.So Little Time (提供)
4.A Fool Never Learns
5.Where Or When
6.Dear Heart
7.The Very Thought Of You
8.Music To Watch Girls By
9.Where Do I Begin
10.Speak Softly Love(Love Theme From'The Godfather')
Songs Of Faith 英文
1.The Lord's Prayer
2.He's Got The Whole World(In His Hands)
3.Ave Maria (提供)
4.The Impossible Dream(The Quest)
5.Day By Day
6.Battle Hymn Of The Republic
7.Amazing Grace
8.My Sweet Lord
9.You'll Never Walk Alone
10.May Each Day
The Way We Were 英文
1.Song Sung Blue
3.Killing Me Softly With Her Song
4.A Fool Never Learns
5.Yesterday When I Was Young
6.It's Too Late
7.Honey(I Miss You)
8.Mona Lisa
9.Softly, As I Leave You
10.The Way We Were
Best Of Andy Williams-Pair 英文
1.The Look Of Love
2.Red Roses For A Blue Lady
3.Theme From Summer Of '42 (提供)
4.Try To Remember
5.When Your Smiling (提供)
6.Somewhere My Love
7.The Shadow Of Your Smile
8.Mac Arthur Park
10.Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
11.I Will Wait For You
12.For The Good Times
13.Born Free
14.The Second Time Around
15.Love Theme From The Godfather(Speak Softly Love)
16.Love Story(Where Do I Begin)
Best Of Andy Williams-Curb 英文
1.The Hawaiian Wedding Song
2.Are You Sincere?
3.Lonely Street
4.The Village Of St. Bernadette
5.Canadian Sunset
7.The Bilbao Song
8.You Don't Want My Love
9.I Like Your Kind Of Love
10.How Wonderful To Know
11.Don't Go To Strangers
12.Unchained Melody
Greatest Songs 英文
1.Unchained Melody
2.Sail Along, Silvery Moon
3.Twilight Time
4.So Rare
5.Blueberry Hill
6.Love Letters In The Sand
7.It's All In The Game
8.Blue Hawaii
9.You'll Never Walk Alone
10.My Happiness
11.Near You
Moon River And Other Great Movie Themes 英文
1.The Exodus Song
2.The Second Time Around
3.It Might As Well Be Spring
16 Most Requested Songs 英文
1.Canadian Sunset
2.The Hawaiian Wedding Song
3.Can't Get Used To Losing You
4.Red Roses For A Blue Lady
5.Dear Heart
6.Moon River
7.Born Free
8.Danny Boy
9.Days Of Wine And Roses
11.Sweet Memories
14.What Now My Love
15.A Time For Us(Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet)
16.The Impossible Dream(The Quest)
Christmas Present 英文
1.I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
Greatest Hits Vol 2 英文
1.A Song For You
2.Music From Across The Way
3.Music To Watch Girls By
4.The Village Of St. Bernadette
5.Home Lovin' Man
6.In The Arms Of Love
7.Lonely Street
8.Speak Softly Love(Love Theme From'The Godfather')
9.Mac Arthur Park
10.The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
11.Where Do I Begin
Andy Williams' Greatest Hits Vol. 2 英文
1.A Song for You
2.Home Lovin' Man
3.In The Arms Of Love
4.Lonely Street
5.Mac Arthur Park
6.Music From Across The Way
7.Music To Watch Girls By
8.Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from 'The Godfather')
9.The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
10.The Village Of St. Bernadette
11.Where Do I Begin Love Story
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Born Free
2.Days Of Wine And Roses
3.Moon River
4.Dear Heart
5.The Hawaiian Wedding Song
7.Almost There
9.Happy Heart
10.Can't Get Used To Losing You
11.May Each Day
Love, Andy 英文
1.Can't Take My Eyes Off You2.The Look of Love
Canadian Sunset 英文
1.In The Summertime (AKA You Don't Want My Love)
Warm And Willing 英文
1.Stranger on the Shore
The Greatest Hits Vol. 2 英文
1.A Song For You
2.In The Arms Of Love
3.Mac Arthur Park
4.The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
The Best Of Andy Williams 英文
1.Moon River
2.Love Story
3.Almost There
4.Days Of Wine And Roses
5.Can't Get Used To Losing You
7.Can't Take My Eyes Off You
9.The Look Of Love
10.May Each Day
11.Can't Help Falling In Love
12.The Way We Were
13.Love Theme From The Godfather(Speak Softly Love)
14.A Man And A Woman
15.Here There And Every Where (提供)
16.Yesterday When I Was Young
17.Wichita Lineman
18.Happy Heart
20.Home Lovin' Man
22.Born Free
Now That's What I Call Christmas 3 英文
1.It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Now That's What I Call Christmas 2 英文
1.The First Noel
暂存 英文
1.Love Is Blue
2.Get Me To The Church On Time
3.The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
4.I Left My Heart In San Francisco
5.Tha Hawaiian Wedding Song (ke Kali Nei Au)
7.Two For The Road
8.When I Look in Your Eyes
9.You're Just Too Good To Be True
10.A Time for Us
11.And Roses And Roses
12.I Want To Be Free
13.If Ever I Would Leave You
14.I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
15.Love Is Blue (l'amour Est Bleu)
16.Watch What Happens
17.Wouldn't It Be Loverly
18.The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
19.The Little Drummer Boy
21.Christmas Present
22.Are You Sincere (Mono)
23.The Bells Of St. Mary's
24.Love Theme From The Godfather
25.Love Theme from 'Romeo and Juliet' (A Time for Us)
26.Silver Bells
27.O Come All Ye Faithful
28.I Can't Stop Loving You
29.If I Could Only Go Back Again
30.Falling In Love With Love
31.Silent Night, Holy Night
32.The More I See You
33.All Through The Night
34.Exactly Like You
35.You Are My Sunshine
36.Tender Is the Night
37.Silent Night
38.O Holy Night
39.I Wish You Love
40.Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
41.Three Coins In The Fountain
42.Can't Get Used To Losin' You
43.Butterfly (Mono)
44.It's Impossible
45.Last Chance
46.Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
47.If I Had Only Known
48.My Funny Valentine
49.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
50.Christmas Waltz
51.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
52.Still Under The Weather
53.A Summer Place
54.Dreamsville (From The NBC Production Peter Gunn)
55.Winter Wonderland
56.My Favorite Things
57.White Christmas
58.April In Paris
59.Do Nothing 'Till You Hear From Me
60.Never On Sunday
61.Strangers In The Night
62.Say It Isn't So
64.In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
65.We Need A Little Christmas
66.Wives And Lovers
67.Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
68.Old Piano Plays The Blues
69.May Each Day (Live)
70.The Impossible Dream
71.Away In a Manger
72.Mary's Little Boy Child
73.The Face Of Love
74.It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (A Shrift Remix)
75.There Will Never Be Another You
76.Fire and Rain
77.My Cherie Amour
79.You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
80.Love Made Me A Fool
81.Jeepers Creepers
82.Bye Bye Blackbird
83.Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
84.She'll Never Know
85.When Your Lover Has Gone
86.Tonight (From West Side Story)
87.Wrong For Each Other
88.Speak Softly Love
89.The Summer Knows

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