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Gossip( 流言蜚语乐团 )【 共收藏 10 张专辑, 107 首歌 】
流言蜚语为一由三人组成的美国独立摇滚乐团,成员包含主唱贝丝·迪托,吉他手Brace Paine以及鼓手Hannah Blilie。 该乐团第三张专辑Standing In The Way of Control曾在2007年3月英国独立摇滚排行榜中名列第一。
成员: 贝丝·迪托, 汉娜·布莱利, 布莱斯·佩因, 凯西·孟东嘉
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极乐世界(A Joyful Noise) 英文
1.Melody Emergency
2.Perfect World
3.Get A Job
4.Move In The Right Direction
5.Casualties Of War
6.Into The Wild
7.Get Lost
10.I Won't Play
11.Love In A Foreign Place
Music For Men 英文
1.Four Letter Word
2.Spare Me From The Mold
3.Love Long Distance
4.Pop Goes The World
5.Vertical Rhythm
6.Men In Love
7.For Keeps
9.Dimestore Diamond
10.Heavy Cross
11.8th Wonder
12.Love & Let Love
Standing In The Way Of Control 英文
1.Dark Lines
2.Here Today Gone Tomorrow (提供)
3.Sick With It (提供)
4.Fire With Fire
5.Holy Water
6.Listen Up!
7.Standing In The Way Of Control
8.Eyes Open
9.Jealous Girls
10.Coal To Diamonds
11.Yr Mangled Heart
12.Keeping You Alive
NRJ Sessions: Gossip 英文
1.Pop Goes the World (Live)
2.Love Long Distance (Live)
3.Men In Love (Live)
Live from Abbey Road 英文
1.Standing In the Way of Control (Live from Abbey Road)
2.Heavy Cross (Live from Abbey Road)
3.Love Long Distance (Live from Abbey Road)
Live In Liverpool 英文
1.Eyes Open (Live)
2.Swing Low (Live)
3.Fire / Sign (Live)
4.Jealous Girls (Live)
5.Keeping You Alive (Live)
6.Yesterday's News (Live)
7.Listen Up (Live)
8.Careless Whisper (Live)
Live In Liverpool / Music For Men 英文
1.Yr Mangled Heart - Live
2.Are You That Somebody - Live
3.Coal To Diamonds - Live
4.Standing In The Way Of Control - Live
5.Fire/Sign (Live)
6.Pop Goes the World
7.8th Wonder
A Joyful Noise RMX EP 英文
1.Get a Job (Wankelmut remix)
2.Perfect World (Playgroup Nude mix)
3.Get Lost (Junior Vasquez remix)
4.Move in the Right Direction (Gossip VS Kaz James remix)
A Joyful Noise - Extended Edition 英文
1.Casualties of War
2.Into The Wild
3.Get Lost
5.I Won't Play
6.Love Long Distance - 1LIVE in Dortmund
7.Men In Love - 1LIVE in Dortmund
8.Get a Job - 1LIVE in Dortmund
暂存 英文
1.And You Know...
2.Cat Fight
3.Don't Make Waves
5.Swing Low
7.Standing In the Way of Control
8.Fire Sign
9.Perfect World (Remix)
10.Move In the Right Direction (Remix)
12.Sweet Baby
14.Bring It On
15.Where The Girls Are
16.Got Body If You Want It
17.Hott Date
18.Tuff Luv
19.Got All This Waiting
21.Jason's Basement
22.Dont (Make Waves)
23.Love and Let Love
24.Vertical Rhythm - Live at the Paradiso
25.Heavy Cross - Live at the Paradiso
26.Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix) [Bonus Track]
27.Love Long Distance (Riva Starr remix)
28.Yr Mangled Heart (Tiga's Congabreak remix)
29.Listen Up! - Live at the Astoria
30.Heavy Cross - Yuksek Remix
31.Get a Job (Wankelmut remix radio edit)
32.Perfect World (radio edit)
33.Move In the Right Direction (CSS Remix)
34.Listen Up (Punks Jump Up remix)
35.Perfect World (Seamus Haji remix radio edit)
38.Are U That Somebody
39.Are You That Somebody

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