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The Perpetrators【 共收藏 5 张专辑, 54 首歌 】
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Tow Truck 英文
1.Z-Rays Cured My Hangover (提供)
2.Movin' Right Along (提供)
3.I Can't See (提供)
4.You're Gonna Kill Me (提供)
5.Call Me (提供)
6.Happy Friday (提供)
7.Carly Song (提供)
8.Honeypie (提供)
9.R. Cowboy (提供)
10.I Saw You Leaving (提供)
11.Josco (提供)
12.Woman Of My Dreams (提供)
13.Tow Truck (提供)
Gas And The Clutch 英文
1.55th Street Boogie (提供)
2.She Lets Me Know (提供)
3.Roller Coaster Love (提供)
4.Sent Me Down the Road (提供)
5.Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes (提供)
6.Are You Ready for the Country (提供)
7.You Can't Sit Down (提供)
8.Woman I Love (提供)
Perpetrators 英文
1.Crappy Job (提供)
2.Look At You (提供)
3.Hollywood (提供)
4.1/4 to 5 (提供)
5.Stay Strong (提供)
6.Toe Stub See All 2 (提供)
7.Garmonbozia (提供)
8.Hate song (提供)
9.12,000 Vocoders (提供)
Porno Rock 英文
1.Let Your Tongue Roll (提供)
2.Take It Like A Man (提供)
3.Bi Bi Baby (提供)
4.Bicycle Seat (提供)
5.Anal Bead Boogie (提供)
6.Protein Milkshake (提供)
7.Green Stains (提供)
8.Come Dumpster (提供)
9.Get Up Get Down (提供)
10.Pocket Pussy (提供)
Live At The High & Lonesome Club 英文
1.Off The Hook (提供)
2.Baltimore (提供)
3.One Year Ago (提供)
4.Happy Saturday (提供)
5.Malt Liquor (提供)
6.12,000 Miles (提供)
7.Quarter To Five (提供)
8.Toe Stub (提供)
9.Don't You Laugh At Me (提供)
10.Crack Whore Blues (提供)
11.Scratch The Surfish (提供)
12.Six Pack (提供)
13.She's Gone (提供)
14.She Asked Me (So I Told Her) (提供)

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