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Worthy Of Your Name 英文
1.Worthy Of Your Name
2.This We Know
3.God of Calvary
4.Rule (Live)
5.Your Cross Changes Everything
6.Heart Abandoned
7.Holy Ground
8.Build My Life
9.How Great is Your Love
10.Glorious Day
Salvation's Tide Is Rising 英文
1.Salvation's Tide [feat. Kristian Stanfill]
2.Surrender [feat. Jimi Cravity]
3.All We Sinners [feat. Crowder]
4.Your Grace Amazes Me [feat. Christy Nockels]
5.I Turn To Christ [feat. Matt Redman]
6.Simple Pursuit [feat. Melodie Malone]
7.God And God Alone [feat. Chris Tomlin]
8.Remember [feat. Melodie Malone]
9.My Victory [feat. Crowder]
10.Good Good Father [feat. Kristian Stanfill]
Passion: Salvation's Tide Is Rising 英文
1.Salvation's Tide
2.My Victory
4.God And God Alone
5.Simple Pursuit
6.I Turn To Christ
7.Your Grace Amazes Me
8.All We Sinners
10.Good Good Father
Even So Come 英文
1.Even So Come
2.You Found Me (提供)
3.The Way
4.Wonder (提供)
5.My Anchor
6.The Awesome God You Are (提供)
7.The Saving One
8.Draw Near
9.Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains)
11.Shout Hosanna
12.The Cross Of Christ (提供)
1.Don't Ever Stop (提供)
2.Almighty (提供)
3.This Grace
4.Worthy (提供)
5.Come As You Are (提供)
6.Mercy (提供)
7.Let It Be Jesus
8.I Am (提供)
9.At the Cross (Love Ran Red) (提供)
10.My Heart Is Yours (提供)
11.Never Gonna Let Me Go (提供)
12.You Came To My Rescue (提供)
Passion: Let the Future Begin 英文
1.God's Great Dance Floor (feat. Chris Tomlin)
2.The Lord Our God (feat. Kristian Stanfill)
3.Jesus, Only Jesus (feat. Matt Redman)
4.Once and for All (feat. Chris Tomlin)
5.Burning in My Soul (feat. Brett Younker)
6.Revelation Song (feat. Kari Jobe)
7.Children of Light (feat. Kristian Stanfill)
8.Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) [feat. Chris Tomlin]
9.We Glorify Your Name (feat. Chris Tomlin)
10.Here's My Heart (feat. Crowder)
11.Come to the Water (feat. Kristian Stanfill)
12.My Delight Is in You (feat. Christy Nockels)
13.Shout (feat. Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman)
14.In Christ Alone (feat. Kristian Stanfill)
15.Death of Death (feat. Charlie Hall) (提供)
Passion: White Flag 英文
1.White Flag
3.The Only One
4.No Turning Back
5.Jesus, Son Of God
6.How I Love You
7.You Revive Me
8.Sing Along
9.Lay Me Down
10.Not Ashamed
11.10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)
12.One Thing Remains
13.All This Glory
15.Let Me Feel You Shine
16.Who You Are
17.Jesus, All in All
Passion: Awakening 英文
2.Say, Say
3.Our God
4.How He Loves
5.Healing Is In Your Hands
6.King Of Heaven (Isaiah 61)
7.You Alone Can Rescue
8.Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is
9.Rise And Sing
10.Like A Lion
11.Chosen Generation
12.With Everything
The Road to One Day 英文
1.Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent
2.Kindness (提供)
3.Holy Visitation
4.We Are Hungry
5.Holy Roar
The Fierce Urgency of Now 英文
1.One Way Ticket
2.Depression Sets In
3.In One Ear and Out the Other
5.Longer Than Expected
6.Patriot for a Day
7.Statistics Show That We Do Not Care
8.In Ourselves We Trust
9.The Natural
10.Dig In Deep
11.Get In the Van
12.Bulletproof Mona Lisa
Passion: Sacred Revolution 英文
1.Take My Life
Passion: Hymns Ancient And Modern 英文
1.Here Is Love
Our Soul's Desire 英文
1.You Are Worthy of My Praise
2.Lord of the Heavens
3.Break Our Hearts
4.Amazing Love (提供)
5.O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
Everything Glorious 英文
1.Awesome Is the Lord Most High / Chris Tomlin
2.Glorious / Chris Tomlin (with Christy Nockels)
3.Jesus Paid It All / Kristian Stanfill
4.Center / Charlie Hall
5.You Never Let Go / Matt Redman
6.I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) / Chris Tomlin
7.Our God Reigns / Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall, David Crowder, and Matt Redman
8.Everything Glorious / David Crowder Band
Worthy Of Your Name (Live) 英文
1.Glorious Day - Live
2.Heart Abandoned - Live
3.This We Know - Studio
Even So Come (Live) 英文
1.Shout Hosanna (Live)
2.Draw Near (Live)
3.You Found Me (Live)
Passion: The Essential Collection (Live) 英文
1.Our God - Live In The United States/2010
2.Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (Live)
3.How Great Is Our God - Live
4.God Of This City - Live
5.Holy Is The Lord - Live
6.How Great Is Our God - Live In The United States/2010
7.God Of This City - Live In The United States/2007
8.Whom Shall I Fear (God Of Angel Armies) - Live In The United States/2013
Passion: Take It All (Live) 英文
1.Don't Ever Stop (Live)
2.At the Cross (Love Ran Red) (Live)
3.Almighty (Live)
暂存1 英文
1.Your Grace Is Enough
2.As The...
3.Baller's Lady
4.Cater 2 U
5.I Will Be Here
6.Paper Airplane
7.God of Wonders
8.My Glorious
9.Dance in the River
10.Here I Am to Worship
12.Famous One
13.Sweep Me Away
14.Our Love Is Loud
15.Come Thou Fount
16.One Pure and Holy Passion
17.Better Is One Day
18.We Fall Down
20.You Never Let Go
21.O Praise Him (All This for a King)
22.All the Earth
23.The Heart of Worship
24.Freedom Song
25.Come Let Us Return to the Lord
27.The Noise We Make
28.You Alone
29.Shout to the North
30.Let Everything That Has Breath
32.Be Glorified
33.You Are My King
35.Knees to the Earth
36.I've Found Jesus
37.Let My Words Be Few
38.Holy Is the Lord
39.Blessed Be Your Name
41.Grace Flows Down
43.Revolution Cry
44.Nothing But The Blood [Live]
45.Prepare the Way
46.You're Worthy Of My Praise
47.Wonderful King
48.I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
49.Every Move I Make
50.Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
51.O Come Let Us Adore Him
52.Knowing You
53.Glorify - Passion 99 Labum Version
54.I Need You
55.Sweet Mercies - Passion 98 Album Version
56.Every Move I Make - Passion 98 Album Version
57.Knocking On The Door Of Heaven - Passion 98 Album Version
60.Don't Be Mad
61.Phos Hilaron (Hail Gladdening Light)
62.Knocking on the Door of Heaven
63.To Every Nation
64.Remember Me
66.We Fall Down - Live
67.White Flag (feat. Chris Tomlin) [Live]
68.Yahweh (feat. Chris Tomlin) [Live]
69.The Only One (feat. Chris Tomlin) [Live]
70.No Turning Back (feat. Chris Tomlin) [Live]
71.Indescribable (Live)
72.Our God - Live
73.Even So Come - Live
74.The Saving One - Live
75.Enough (Live)
76.You Are My King (Amazing Love) (Live)
77.The Cross of Christ (Live)
78.One Thing Remains - Live In The United States/2012
79.In Christ Alone - Live In The United States/2013
80.One Thing Remains (Live)
81.The Lord Our God
82.Children of Light
83.Come to the Water
84.In Christ Alone
85.Not Ashamed (feat. Kristian Stanfill) [Live]
86.One Thing Remains (feat. Kristian Stanfill) [Live]
87.Who You Are (feat. Kristian Stanfill) [Live]
88.One Thing Remains (Radio Version) [feat. Kristian Stanfill]
89.Beautiful Jesus
90.It Is Well (Live)
91.Never Gonna Let Me Go (Live)
92.My Heart Is Yours (Live)
93.This Grace (Live)
94.My Heart Is Yours (Radio Version)
95.One Thing Remains (Radio Version)
96.Healing Is In Your Hands - Live In The United States/2012
97.Waiting Here For You - Live In The United States/2011
98.Waiting Here For You (Live)
99.Healing Is In Your Hands (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Let It Be Jesus - Live
2.You Came To My Rescue - Live
3.My Delight Is in You
4.How I Love You (feat. Christy Nockels) [Live]
5.You Revive Me (feat. Christy Nockels) [Live]
6.Sing Along (feat. Christy Nockels) [Live]
8.My Anchor (Live)
9.Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains) (Live)
10.Wonder (Live)
11.How He Loves (Live)
12.Come As You Are (Live)
13.I Am (Live)
14.Forgiven - Live
15.10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) - Live In The United States/2012
16.You Never Let Go - Live In The United States/2006
17.You Never Let Go (Live)
18.Mercy - Live
19.Worthy - Live
20.Jesus, Only Jesus
21.Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?
22.Here Is Love - Live
24.Dancing Generation
25.The Awesome God You Are (Live)
26.The Heart of Worship (Live)
27.10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) (Live)
28.Sing and Shout (Live)
29.The Way - Live
30.Build My Life - Live
31.Mystery (feat. Charlie Hall) [Live]
32.Jesus, All in All (feat. Charlie Hall) [Live]
33.Agnus Dei
34.Better Is One Day (Live)
35.Death of Death
36.How He Loves - Live In The United States/2010
37.Like a Lion (Live)
38.Forever (Live)
39.Holy Ground (Live)
40.Glorious Day - Radio Version
41.Mi Corazón Es Tuyo
42.Reckless Love (Live)
43.Ever Almighty (Live)
44.Great Are You Lord (Live)
45.Hallelujah, Our God Reigns (Live)
46.Ghost (Live)
47.Whole Heart - Live
48.More Like Jesus (Live)
49.Worthy Of Your Name - Studio
50.Worthy Of Your Name - Live
51.Worthy Of Your Name - Radio Version
52.Almighty God - Live
53.Heaven (Live)

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