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Davina【 共收藏 9 张专辑, 77 首歌 】
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Beauty in the Beast 英文
1.Beauty in the Beast
2.Now You've Been Seduced
3.Got Nothin' On Me
4.If I Go
5.Ain't That Type
7.Keep Calm (I'm From the Bay)
8.Me N You
10.H.I.D.D.E.N. Agendas
11.I'll Be Your Lesson Learned
12.My Dreams
13.Did it for the Money
14.Keep Your Name Alive
15.Beast Mode Mix
16.I'm Still Here
17.Leave Me Alone
18.Never Fall Again
19.La Cantante (提供)
Davina 英文
1.Keepin' It Lit (Intro) (提供)
2.Goin' In Circles Davina (提供)
3.See Right Through You
4.Can't Help It
5.Star Player (提供)
6.It's All You (Ooh Wee) (提供)
7.My Motion Picture (提供)
8.Somebody Please
9.Big Leaguin' (提供)
10.Just For Fun (提供)
11.On My Own
12.War Of Words (提供)
13.The Sweetest Revenge
14.Know Your Place (提供)
15.Two Can Play That Game
16.All I Got Is Me (提供)
17.'Til I See You Again Davina
18.Your Memory Lives On
On Some Real 英文
1.On Some Real
2.I Get It
3.Bay Luv
4.Rather Be
5.Somethin To Say
7.See Ya From The Top
10.Better With You
11.Shinin' Star
12.Most Hated
13.You Ain't A Friend
14.Represent (提供)
15.Agony N' Ecstacy (提供)
16.When I'm Gone (提供)
18.Mommy's Pride N' Joy
Hoodlum Original Movie Soundtrack 英文
1.So Good
Welcome To My Realm 英文
1.To Your Level
2.Tell Your Little Story
3.You're Bad for Me - Radio Edit
4.A Mothers Love
The Last Laugh Is Mine 英文
1.The Way You Do
2.Next Bitch
3.Refuse to Change
4.The Last Laugh Is Mine
Built For the Battle 英文
1.When They Come For Me
2.Cherish Your Life
3.Use My Voice (Short Version)
4.Angel In Advance
Best of Both Worlds 英文
1.So Good
2.Come Over to My Place
3.Comin' for You
4.When It Rains
5.Only One Reason
6.After the Rain
7.My Cryin' Blues
8.I Can't Help It
暂存 英文
1.Soo Good

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