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Leslie Hall【 共收藏 4 张专辑, 41 首歌 】
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Songs in the Key of Gold 英文
1.Gold Pants (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
2.Of Course You Wear Glasses (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
3.Zombie Killer (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
4.Shake Your Hips (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
5.Gem Sweater (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
6.Power Cuddle (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
7.You're Not Taken? (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
8.Happy Birthday (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
9.Hydrate Jirate (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
10.#1 Cat in America (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
11.No Pants Policy (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
12.How We Go Out (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
13.Craft Talk (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
14.Shazam I'm Glamorous (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
15.Neon Blood (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
16.Tight Pants Body Rolls (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
17.Blame the Booty (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
18.Gem Sweater Lullaby (Titus Jones Remix) [Remastered]
Destination Friendship 英文
1.Blame the Booty (Titus Jones remix)
2.Your Not Taken?
3.Here To Win
4.Hydrate Jirate
5.Purchase One
6.Crazy Now
7.What We're Eating
Back 2 Back Palz 英文
1.Craft Talk
2.Blame the Booty Acoustic
3.Moving Out of Iowa
4.Man-ila Envelope
5.Chop Chop Chop
6.Dust Lover
7.Rebuilt My House
8.Churn the Butter
9.Braid My Hair
10.Cat Dancer
11.Sew What
12.Gravel In My Show
13.Crystal Diamond Women Flow
14.Tight Pants / Body Rolls
15.Water Water Water-World
暂存 英文
1.Willow Don't Cry (Secret Song)

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