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Got To Choose

Baby, you know I heard the neighbours say
Baby, you might be leavin' me today
Oh yeah, mmm, someone's come along and shared your time
Don't care, no I don't, no
But you can't be his and still be mine, so

Ooh, got to choose who's your baby
Ooh, got to choose

Sometimes, oh sometimes, I know you need a change of pace
Oh yeah, but I ain't gonna run no race
Baby, you've got to tell me yes or no
Alright, alright, come on and tell me
Tell me if you're gonna go, come on
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Ooh, got to choose who's your baby
Ooh, got to choose who's your baby

Ooh, got to choose who's your baby
Ooh, got to choose, got to choose

Who's your baby?
Who's your baby?
Who's your baby?
Who's your baby?


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