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The Monkees


The Monkees

I Wanna Be Free

By tommy boyce and bobby hart

I wanna be free,
Like the bluebirds flying by me
Like the waves out on the blue sea.
If your love has to tie me, don't try me,
Say good-bye.

I wanna be free,
Don't say you love me say you like me,
But when i need you beside me,
Stay close enough to guide me, confide in me,

I wanna hold yur hand,
Walk along the sadn
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Laughing in the sun,
Always having fun
Doing all those things
Without any strings
To tie me down.

I wanna be free,
Like the warm september wind, babe,
Say you'll always be my friend, babe.
We can make it to the end, babe,
Again, babe, i gotta say:
I wanna be free
I wanna be free
I wanna be free


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