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Day By Day

作词:Stephen Schwartz

Another endless day, I couldn't find
A way to spend some time on writing
Songs with stupid meanings I can't find

A way to make some sense, my mind is such
A mess, my girlfriend says I really
Suck and that my thoughts, I can't express

Another sunny day, still I can't find
A way how to describe just what I
Feel maybe my brain is holding still

And if there's a better way for me to sing
And play it must be silence, I'm so poor
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But there's one thing I know for sure

Can't be wrong, can't belong to what I thought that I once were
Can't be right, cannot fight for something that's not worth it
Who's to blame, what a shame I don't really care at all

Another rainy day, can't find a better
Way to give a meaning to it
All, I guess my luck is very small

When I woke up today, drunk from
Yesterday, I know tomorrow will be
The same, it's only me I have to blame