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Maybe We'll Make It After All

And this is who we are
and this is what we've made
don't close your eyes
don't be afraid to fall...

all that they'll say is failures the only thing we'll find

Well im wide awake unwilling to take advice from anybody else.
I've already lost everything that's ever made any kind of sense.
And I'm so proud of what I've made. On top of the world and not afraid to see the end.

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My heart's filled with hope of getting the hell out of here.
Its hard enough to be here everyday, this place is damned and God can't save it.
i cant just get up and walk away and let the narrow minds get by and lead the way

My blood runs to thick to let this go.
The weight of the world is on my shoulders.
I'm at the point of no return while every day is getting shorter.
I'm sure that you hear my heart beat from miles and miles away.