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Jess Klein


Jess Klein

Tell Me This Is Love

I don't wanna see the gypsy
Look into her crystal ball
In her shop out on the boardwalk
Where she probably tells them all
“You will meet a handsome stranger.
It will be a lightning bolt from above”
I don't need another jolt dear
Just tell me this is love

I don't wanna see your mama
With a twinkle in her eye
'Cause she's dreamin' bout our future
If she's dreamin' bout a lie
I just wanna see the roadside rollin' by
And on the wheel God's driving gloves
While you lean over to my side
And tell me this is love

All I want is something real
Oh but who can say what's real?
All I got is what I feel
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And I don't wanna feel
I don't wanna feel like stone
No no no no no no
So don't leave me singin' all alone
When your love could bring me home

I don't wanna talk about it
If there's nothing more to say
I don't wanna be a martyr until my dying day
But baby if you got it
Boy if you believe in all this stuff
Push a little harder
And tell me this is love
Yeah honey if you want me
Boy if you believe that it's enough
Sidle up and haunt me
And tell me this is love
Tell me this is love