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Into the Sea of Bayonets

Wellington is on the move (this time you may not succeed)
And I have been refused (count the cards, one joker missing)
?We try as in the old days?
Failure is something that you choose

??I defy the world around me
I deny the chance is dying

??Into the sea of bayonets?
Where I'm at home, where I belong
?Into the sea of bayonets
?I try to peacefully return

Prussians coming from the west (drive a wedge in between now)
?Keep the weak from growing strong (there's a chance, one chance in hell)?
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They'll face the bravest of the brave
?Marshal Ney will turn the tide??

We hear the batteries are crashing down
?Push the skirmishers away and break for center

?(Into the dark) the second division
?(Into the bleak) slowing burn -- more for the slaughter??
And from the left Jerome is killing in the woods
?Before the crossroad's taken I will be the ligh
t?A thunder louder than the mind can even take
?A shock which pierces deep into the shallow heart