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Silent Knight


Silent Knight

One by One

Out on the road to salvation a darkness was consuming me
Lost sight of my destination, betrayed by my naivety
Overcome with hesitation and trapped by the shackles of time
Inside I found determination to break through the chains of my mind

As time slipped through the hourglass
I was blinded to the power that surrounds me
I stared reflections in denial, I could not seem to recognise myself…

One by one, it feels like I've been born again
One by one, and now I know just where I stand
One by one, I know I won t be led astray
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One by one, I'll carry on and one by one I'll find my way...

All alone in desolation, abandoned by brothers of me
I swallowed the call of temptation and became what they never could be
A boy at the start of the story, but you're facing a warrior now
I fought, I remembered my calling, to honour and glory I'm bound

Within my past insanity I fought through a calamity of sins
No longer fear, nor agony, an inner mounting alchemy begins...