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Infernal Chaos


Infernal Chaos

Return Of Chaos

作词:Jesse Black Liu
作曲:Jesse Black Liu, Mason
编曲:Infernal Chaos

We took our path
seeking waste land
we call paradise
Try to find a place that can be free and wild
the sound of chaos
No limitations !
We Shout !
We heard ! Our voices !
Stormy sky
Thunder shouts
Reckless eyes
Return of chaos
The wall is there for us to break
Sigil of faith
War flag rise
marching troops
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Return of chaos
The crown is there for us to take
We're not alive
if words kept in silents
We r not god
that you trust
We set the freedom
our waste land
No limitations !
No regulations !
We've shout !
We've heard !
Our voices !
Take it back with pride !
Take it back with avarice
glory of chaos
we will take it . back !