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Jefferson Airplane( 杰佛森飞船合唱团 )【 共收藏 13 张专辑, 148 首歌 】
Jefferson Airplane是一个摇滚乐队,总部设在加利福尼亚州旧金山,开创了迷幻摇滚乐。该集团成立于1965年,定义了旧金山之声,是湾区第一个实现国际商业成功的公司。他们是20世纪60年代蒙特里(1967年),伍德斯托克(Woodstock,1969)和阿尔塔蒙特(1969)三个最著名的美国摇滚音乐节,也是英国第一个怀特岛(1968年)的头条。他们的1967年突破专辑“超现实主义枕”列在“爱的夏天”最重要的录音的短名单上。这张专辑的两首歌,“有人爱”和“白兔”,都是滚石的“500大歌”。

杰弗逊飞机的杰作杰克逊飞机阵容,从1966年10月至1970年2月,是Marty Balin(声乐),Paul Kantner(吉他,声乐),Grace Slick(声乐),Jorma Kaukonen(主唱吉他,人声),Jack Casady )和Spencer Dryden(鼓)。马蒂·巴林(Marty Balin)于1971年离开乐队。1972年以后,杰斐逊飞机有效分成两组。 Kaukonen和Casady全程前往自己的乐队Hot Tuna。斯科克,康德和杰斐逊飞机的其余成员招募了新成员,并于1974年重新组建为杰弗逊星舰,玛蒂·巴林最终加入了他们。杰斐逊飞机于1996年被引入摇滚名人堂,并于2016年荣获格莱美终身成就奖。
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Jefferson Airplane The Woodstock Experience 英文
1.Good Shephard
2.Hey Frederick
4.The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil
5.The House At Pooneil Corners
Flight Box: At Golden Gate/Last Flight 英文
1.The Other Side Of This Life
2.Greasy Heart
3.Plastic Fantastic Lover
4.Uncle Sam Blues
5.Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
6.3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
7.Introduction (提供)
8.Twilight Double Leader
9.Milk Train
10.Blind John (提供)
11.The Son Of Jesus
12.Long John Silver
13.When The Earth Moves Again
14.Papa John's Down Home Blues (提供)
15.Eat Starch Mom
16.John's Other (提供)
17.Trial By Fire
18.Law Man
19.Aerie (Gang Of Eagles)
20.Feel So Good
21.Walking The Tou Tou (提供)
22.Medley: Diana/Volunteers (提供)
Jefferson Airplane 英文
1.Common Market Madrigal
3.Ice Age
4.Madeleine Street
5.Now is the Time
7.Planes (Experimental Aircraft)
9.Summer of Love
10.The Wheel (For Nora And Nicaragua)
11.Too Many Years
12.True Love
13.Upfront Blues (提供)
Thirty Seconds Over Winterland 英文
1.Have You Seen The Saucers
Volunteers 英文
1.Wooden Ships
2.A Song For All Seasons
3.Eskimo Blue Day
4.We Can Be Together
5.Hey Fredrick
6.The Farm
8.Good Shepherd
9.Turn My Life Down
Crown of Creation 英文
2.In Time
4.Star Track
5.Share a Little Joke
6.Chushingura (提供)
7.If You Feel
8.Crown of Creation
9.Ice Cream Phoenix
10.Greasy Heart
11.The House at Pooneil Corners
12.Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum (提供)
13.Would You Like a Snack? (提供)
14.Share a Little Joke (single version B-side RCA #9496) (提供)
15.The Saga of Sydney Spacepig (提供)
16.Candy Man (提供)
Surrealistic Pillow 英文
1.Somebody to Love
2.White Rabbit
3.She Has Funny Cars
5.My Best Friend
6.Comin' Back to Me
7.D.C.B.A. -25
8.How Do You Feel
9.Embryonic Journey (提供)
After Bathing at Baxter's 英文
2.Two Heads
3.Watch Her Ride
4.Wild Tyme (H)
5.Won't You Try - Saturday Afternoon
6.Young Girl Sunday Blues
7.The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil
9.A Small Package of Value Will Come to You, Shortly
10.The Last Wall of the Castle
11.Spare Chaynge (提供)
The Forrest Gump Soundtrack 英文
Signe's Farewell 英文
1.3 Fifths Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
2.And I Like It
3.Come Up the Years
4.Fat Angel
5.Go To Her
6.Goodbye To Signe 1 (提供)
7.Goodbye To Signe 2 (提供)
8.High Flyin' Bird
9.Midnight Hour (提供)
10.Runnin Round This World
Grace's Debut 英文
1.Bringing Me Down
2.Don't Let Me Down
3.Kansas City (提供)
4.Let Me In
5.Run Around
6.Thing (提供)
At The Family Dog Ballroom 英文
1.Come Back Baby (提供)
2.Jam (提供)
3.Jam Jerry Garcia Jefferson Airplane (提供)
4.Crown Of Creation
5.Somebody to Love
6.Wooden Ships
8.Good Shepherd
9.The Farm
10.We Can Be Together
11.The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil
暂存 英文
1.Third Week In The Chelsea
2.Don't Slip Away
3.It's No Secret
4.Chauffeur Blues
5.Tobacco Road (Live)
6.Tobacco Road
7.Wooden Ships (Alternate Take)
8.The Wheel
9.Let's Get Together
10.White Rabbit(Mono/Single Version)
11.Free Advice
12.White Rabbit (Live)
13.Let's Get Together [Live]
14.White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
15.Beginnings: Somebody to Love
16.Revolution: Wooden Ships
17.White Rabbit (Mono)
18.Be My Lady
19.Today (Mono)
20.Somebody To Love (Mono)
21.Go Ask Alice
22.My Best Friend (Mono)
23.3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds (Mono)
24.Blues from an Airplane
25.Martha [Mono Single Version]
27.Pretty As You Feel (Single Edit Mix)
28.Pretty As You Feel
29.Other Side of This Life
30.Other Side Of This Life [Live]
31.Milk Train [Live]
32.Runnin''Round This World (Mono)
33.Things Are Better In The East (Demo Version)
34.White Rabbit (feat. Grace Slick)

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