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Jefferson Airplane

Blues from an Airplane

作词:Alexander Spence, Marty Balin

Do you know
How sad it is to be a man alone?
I feel so
Solitary being in my home

Without you
Don't know what to do
And I don't know
Where you are

I can see
My life is meant to fall apart some day
Just to be
A simple man who sadly lost his way

Got no girl
So I got no world
And I got no words
Left to say
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Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Come, make me happy
Like I've never known before

Say, say, say, say, say
Have you ever known no heart
Who need anymore?

Where are you?
What's that sound around my heart I feel?
Something new
I'm sure your love you've given must be real

I know now
And I'm sure of how
I can be the man I feel
I can be the man I feel


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