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Spose( Ryan Michael Peters )【 共收藏 10 张专辑, 95 首歌 】
Ryan Michael Peters (出生于1985年7月1日),更为人所知的是舞台名称Spose,是来自缅因州韦尔斯的美国说唱歌手。
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Why Am I So Happy 英文
1.Prologue Work in Progress (feat. KGFREEZE)
2.Happy Right Now (feat. Renee Coolbrith)
3.Feel Alright (feat. Kristina Kentigian)
4.Lies Song (feat. Wax & Shane Reis)
5.Greatest Shit Ever (提供)
6.Thanks Obama (feat. Lyle & Phil Divinsky)
8.Little Different Obituary (feat. KGFREEZE)
9.Kanye Go (feat. Dave Gutter)
10.Work in Progress (feat. Shane Reis) (提供)
11.The G.O.A.T.
12.Fearless! (Interlude) (提供)
13.Why Am I So Happy (feat. Renee Coolbrith)
14.Alternative Radio (提供)
15.Nobody (feat Watsky) (提供)
Unplugged: One Longfellow Square 英文
1.Knocking On Wood
3.Gee Willikers
4.This Is How We Do It (提供)
5.Blow My Candle Out
6.Smiley Face
7.Can't Get There From Here
8.I'm Awesome
9.Christmas Song
10.Intro (Featuring God) (提供)
11.Drugs, Girls, Money And Liquor
The Peter Sparker Mixtape 英文
1.Salami (Prod. by God.Damn.Chan)
2.The King of Maine (Prod. by God.Damn.Chan)
3.All Rs (Prod. by The Lin)
4.03 Altima (Prod. by Principal Dean)
5.I'm Starving (Prod. by Spose)
6.In Your Dreams feat. Chris Webby (Prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
7.Hipsterlude (Prod. by Spose)
8.The People's Douche (Prod. by Principal Dean)
9.Nineteen feat. Max Cantlin (Prod. by Decap)
10.Cows Come Home (Prod. Decap & Brady Watt) (提供)
11.Fresh Raps (Prod. by God.Damn.Chan)
12.Still Bimpin (Prod. by Mike Be) (提供)
13.Bob Johnson feat. Kristina Kentigian (Prod. by Spose)
14.I'm Done (Prod. by Mike Be)
Dankonia 英文
1.Mighty IntrO (提供)
3.Molly or Ratchet or Turn Up (提供)
4.Settlers (Get Up Get Out) (提供)
5.Hide Your Drugs
6.Mountain Dew & Aerosmith (提供)
7.Bombs Over Syria
8.Broke As Me (提供)
9.The Art of Storytelling Part 1 (提供)
10.16 Counties
11.Dankonia Ball (feat. Stiky-1) (提供)
12.Ms Jackson
13.Babylon (feat. Kristina Kentigian) (提供)
14.The Break Up (提供)
15.Hollywood Divorce (feat. Essence & Mike B) (提供)
16.The Art of Storytelling Part 2 (提供)
17.Y'all Scared (提供)
18.Skew It
19.Sarah McLachlan
20.Twerking at a Funeral (提供)
The Audacity! 英文
2.Million Dollar Bill
3.Brain Not a Chain
4.Swagless (提供)
5.My Love in You
6.In Conclusion
I'm Awesome 英文
1.I'm Awesome
Preposterously Dank 英文
1.Fuck It
2.God Damn (提供)
3.Preposterously Dank
4.John Madden
5.Drugs, Girls, Money, Liquor
6.Gobble A Dank
7.Under Control
8.Just An Emcee II
9.To The Head
10.That's That
12.It's Alright With Me
13.Preposterously Dank, Live At The Big Easy (提供)
We Hate Money (Single) 英文
1.We Hate Money
Peter Sparker 英文
1.The King of Maine
2.I'm Starving
4.I'm Done
暂存 英文
1.Christmas Song (Unplugged) [Bonus]
2.Pop Song
3.Gee Willikers (Unplugged) (Bonus)
4.I'm Awesome (Edited Version)
5.I'm Awesome (clean version)
6.'03 Altima
7.The People's Douche
8.Plate Tectonics
9.Party Foul
10.We Hate Money - Edited

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