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When did you start to fester the hate, that crooked intent to take a life and seal his fate
You sparked a fire that ruined my family but you started one in me, I will incinerate

You and your home, every single thing you care for
You can beg and repent but I won't stop until you
Feel as lifeless as the body of my father's brother

You can beg and repent but I won't stop

If the dead can't speak for themselves, then I'll say it loud and clear
Death is imminent and I will grin as it rips you from this world
There will be no end to your pain, no new beginning for you to claim
Just a cold, dark cell for you to live out your days and die alone

The only thing I'll forget is the ability to forgive you

Don't waste one worthless breath, your empty words will only fall on deaf ears
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I want you buried in the dirt

You took the bullet, steadied your aim towards the back of his head
But the fact remains, he lays in his grave and I remember every time I hear my name

I wish nothing but the worst for you
As you rot in your cell
Know there's a special place reserved for you
In the shadows of Hell

I want them all to know the awful truth
About the life you took in cold blood and why I won't stop until you come undone
You will never escape what you have done
You deserve the agony you have brought on
You deserve to die