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Original Cast Recording


Original Cast Recording

Pinkalicious and Peter Ponder the Predicament

Mother:Pinkalicious, Peter! Wake up!
Peter:You can't see colors out of the blue,
A problem yes but what to do?
Pinkalicious:Kinda scary, yes very.
Peter:Lookin' like a giant berry.
Pinkalicious: First I'm pink, now I'm red!
I'd rather be myself instead! What to do, gotta think
No more trips to Doctor Wink!
Peter: Hey, I never got my sticker!
Pinkalicious: What?
Focus Peter!Pinkalicious: What to do, gotta think!
Lots of cupcakes made me pink
Peter: One too many hurts your sight,
No this really isn't right!
Pinkalicious: Lots of things I'll never see,
What an awful way to be!
Wait, the answers pretty clear
Makes a lot of sense I fear...

No more cupcakesBoth: No more cupcakesPeter: No more cupcakes,
No more cupcakes! No more cupcakes... No more cupcakes!
No more cu-
Pinkalicious: Peter, I know!
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I need to eat green food!
Peter: We need to run to the kitchen,
to rectify your curse!
Pinkalicious: A very scary problem
with no time to rehearse
Peter: To take your red complexion
And send it in reverse
Pinkalicious: Lets run off to the kitchen
Before it all gets worse!
Both: Lets go to the kitchenPeter: Shh! Mommy and Daddy might hear us.
Both (whispered): Go to the kitchenOne, two, three four!
Both: We're running to the kitchen
To rectify the curse
A very scary problem
With no time to rehearse!
To take the red complexion
And send it in reverse!
We're running to the kitchen,
before it all gets worse.
Pinkalicious: What's first?