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Original Cast Recording


Original Cast Recording


Elle! Do you know the number one reason
Behind all bad hair decisions? Love!
You're lost without your love
You're heart is on the floor

I can help you, I've been there before
When I need to relax I just put on some tracks
From this CD I bought for the store

Isn't that relaxin'? It's called Celtic Moods!

When I'm lonely or feeling dejected
I play this and it never fails
I pretend like I'm in Ireland
With Enya and the whales

When my telephone gets disconnected
Or I spend every night alone
I pretend like I'm in Ireland
Where the Irish bagpipes drone

Smell the grass as a rainstorm is endin'
People smile while I stroll pass their farms
With a red headed sailor named Brenden
And we dance without moving our arms

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In bar once I met this guy, Dewey
And he bought me like fourteen beers
And he told me that he was from Ireland
So I lived with him ten years

If I squinted he looked like my sailor
Through my boozy delusional fog
But he dumped me for some slut named Kayla
Took my trailer and took my dog

In Ireland they know how to love you
You embrace in the misty Irish breeze
And if your Irish boy tires of you
You're allowed to shoot him in the knees

Hey, you look like that poster for Ireland
Long blonde hair and that sweet sunny face
Oh no, wait that's the poster for Sweden
Oh, screw it, I'll never see either place

But a girl sweet as you has a future
You have hope as each new day dawns
Girls like you always get to see Ireland
Give my love to the leprechauns