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Sound Ideas

Surprise Zap

Mama I'mma never stop talking to you,
Don't you ever stop talkin' back to me,
I know your tired Mama hold my hand,
Hold on tight for as long as you can...

I open my eyes so that I can see,
Open my mind, let my mind go free,
Open my heart so that people can see,
What kinda thing's have been botherin' me,
It's been one long ride and I finally plea
It's my last resort you don't need to agree
Weighs too much I can barely breath,
My knee's are givin' in this is what I need,
'ts been 15 years since my first scare,
I remember that shit cause I was there,
I dropped what I had and my hands didn't care,
Left my teddy bear to approach my Mum without any hair on her head, WHAT?!
What'you mean it dissapeared?
Tears streaming down and it wet her cheek,
She built the courage she needed to speak,
And the moment she had feared was suddenly there,
She waved me over so I came over,
She hugged me harder than I can remember
anyone ever huggin' me, but that was actually
the point in time that it all became so clear...
The two minutes silence, and the two minutes stare
Something was wrong but how do you prepare?
In the front row seat to the world premiere,
Her burden unloaded so she's talking sincere,
With a message for her kid that I didn't want to hear,
Take good care of the time left to share,
There's no good news it's a poisonous fair,
Silence in the room but love in the air,
Tried to calm me down but it wen't to my head,

This is what they told me but this is what I said...

Mama I'mma never stop talking to you,
Don't you ever stop talkin' back to me,

I know your tired Mama hold my hand,
Hold on tight for as long as you can...

Mama I'mma never stop talking to you,

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Don't you ever stop talkin' back to me,
I know your tired Mama hold my hand,
Hold on tight for as long as you can...

Close my eyes don't need to see,
What my mind keeps showing me,
Haunted dreams keep killin' me,
Collar on my neck, God set me free. it's dark in this mist but i'm goin' on,
It's got me to my knees but I'm holdin' on,
My hands tied up god damn this rope,
I refuse to give up but I'm losing hope,
Cause when I come home this is what I meet,
Mom on IV cause she can't eat,
Nothing I can do but take a seat,
Start a conversation and hear her speak,
This might be the end so when I go to leave,
Hold on to her hand for one more beat,
Look her in the eye and I kiss her on the cheek,
Rub her on the neck and I tuck her feet,
I bite my lip as I leave that room,
It tears me up and it kill my mood,
I'm a sensitive dude in the middle of a fued,
Trying to stay in tune, when I meet my platoon
But it's all too soon for you to moon
I love you mom give me one more noon,
And incase you can't i'll always talk to you,
Don't you ever stop talking back to me see,

this is what I came to, my final thought.
Bought you flowers, hoping time is what you got. Music is timeless, if only I could
stop time for a second, tell you how much you rock
Doin' your best, easy or not, always with a smile and always there to talk,

Now i'm all outta quarters and I almost forgot,
time is running out but my questions or not,
Mama I'mma never stop talking to you,
Don't you ever stop talkin' back to me,
I know your tired Mama hold my hand,
Hold on tight for as long as you can...
Mama I'mma never stop talking to you,
Don't you ever stop talkin' back to me,
I know your tired Mama hold my hand,
Hold on tight for as long as you can...


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66.Surprise Zap (修改)
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95.Car Skids, Crashes & Explodes
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97.Car, Ford Escort Extended Reverse Up Fast From Rear, Stop, Idle, Shut Off